Friday, January 27, 2012

~***Kitchen Tour***~

Hey! I wanted to share with you all my Kitchen. I got a lot of new items for Christmas, so I did some re-arranging. Join me for a tour! I'll keep the talking to a minimum and tell you what's new.

***BEWARE tons of pictures!!!***

Here is a good view of the entire Kitchen, it is massive and I love it!! :)

As you enter the Kitchen to your right you will see these plaques from Hobby Lobby.

Here is a better look at the tops of the cabinets. 

 The wine print is new from Kirkland's. I added a candlestick with a fleur de lis orb and a rooster from Ross that I already had.

For the middle I added the metal bucket from Ross that I got for Christmas I filled it with greenery and hung some grapes on it. Everything else I had already and just re-arranged. 

Here is the other wine picture that matches the other one I got for Christmas. I added another candlestick with an orb and a topiary.

For the vignette on the counter I added a rooster, a urn from Kirkland's, a grape canister, a grape plaque and my red canisters from Kirkland's. The urn and grape canister are new.

Last time I showed you the kitchen I had a hard time showing you a good view of this wall. The pictures aren't much better but bare with me.

I kept this wall the same except I added the wine platter, book boxes and greenery.

 I got the wine platter a few months back at Ross.

It was IMPOSSIBLE to get a good picture of the arrangement above the valances so I had to take pictures of each individual thing that's above it. On each side of the clock there is a spoon and fork from Ross.

Well, that's it for today guys!! If you missed my last post be sure to check it out it's the other half of the Living Room. 

I hope you all have a great day and weekend!!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

~***Living Room Part-2***~

Hey! I wanted to share with you the second part of the Living Room. If you missed my last post, I showed you part one.  Join me and I will take you on a tour. 

***Living Room- Part 2***

As you take a step down to enter into the living room you first see the piano wall. The piano was actually my husband's great grandma's. My mother in law has had it since she passed away and when they moved they weren't going to have room for it, so it stayed here. I think it is so pretty!

To the right of the piano wall I have a pub table that we got when we bought the couches 7 years ago, the couches and the table were the first things my husband and I bought when we first moved in together.

 A few months ago I recovered the chairs with left over fabric I had from the curtains, they used to be a white/tan microfiber and over the years they have gotten dirty, so they definitely needed a new life.

I kept the table simple. I added a floral arrangement that Kristen made me a few years ago, along with a zebra print place mat and two place settings with my new dinnerware I got for Christmas. They are Chris Madden Corvella collection from JCP.

Here is a closer look at the piano wall arrangement. I added two Tuscan pictures that I got from Ross a few years ago, two mosaic candle sconces also from Ross and the iron embellishment above the pictures is actually a re purposed item. A few years ago I bought a stocking holder from Kirkland's and not this past Christmas, but the one before Jackson knocked it over and it broke, so I decided to keep the top and use it as a topper.

To the top of the piano I added a tray with a fleur de lis candlestick, fleur de lis plate, a finial and two orbs.

Here is a closer look at the whole vignette on the top of the piano. 

A few months back I showed you this desk I painted. This used to be where the piano is at.  Everything pretty much stayed the same on the desk.

 Close up of the shelves.

 Behind the couch I placed this console table that I also painted black a few months ago.  I added two topiaries from Ross, two picture frames, a rooster arrangement, a hanging fleur de lis and a book box and finial.

Here is a close up of the vignette in the middle.I purchase the urn from Shenita a month or so ago and decided to add a rooster and greenery to it.

Well that's it for today guys! I will be back in a few days to show you the Kitchen! 

Have a great day!!

I will be joining Kristen for Share your creations


Monday, January 23, 2012

~***Living Room Part 1***~

Hey! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I want to share with you all today my front living room tweaked after Christmas. There are two parts to this room so I will show one today and the other part in a day or so. It's a very gloomy overcast day today. 

I have showed this room to you a few times and it is ALMOST finished of course with the normal tweaking. There are a few things I need to add/ finish in here and then I think I can leave it alone for a bit haha. This is the first room you see when you enter the front door, so I want it to be as welcoming as it can be. I will let the pictures speak for themselves and not chit chat too much.

***Living Room***

Here is a view as you enter the front door.

This room drops down a few steps and on either side of the pop outs in the wall I have candle sconces.

It was hard to get a good picture of this area with the big window so I had to use the flash.  Last year I bought the curtains from Kirkland's and then added the fabric and fringe to the tops.

Here is a close- up of the arrangement on top of the T.V.  

 I am OBSESSED with pillows LOL.

I need to add a picture to this frame I had a picture of Jackson in it from his first Christmas.

I hope you all have a great day!! I will be back in a day or so to show you the other part of this room!

Joining Marty for Tabletop Tuesday
& Kristen for Share your creations


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hey! I wanted to show you all my foyer decorated after the holidays.

Things pretty much go back to what they were before, but I tweak here and there. I added a Rooster that I got for Christmas from Ross in the middle of the arrangement. Along with two finials, a fleur de lis candle stick and a topiary.

Here is a close up of the Rooster, I am definitely addicted!! LOL

I moved this plant from the fireplace to this spot. It adds some color out here.

I normally had the candlesticks where the plant is in the previous picture, but around Christmas time I moved the candlesticks to the table and I like them there a lot now, so I just left them. 

Close up of the arrangement on the table. I am a fan of adding trunks around the house with greenery in them.

Here is my 3 ball topiary I got from Michael's last year for 25$!

This picture is dark, but at Christmas I added garland and presents to the ledge above the door. Now I am trying to figure out what to put up there since now I think it looks bare! I was thinking about making a greenery arrangement to put up there. Any ideas?

Well, that's it for today guys! I will be back in a day or so with more of my decor after the holidays! 

Enjoy your day!



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