Tuesday, March 27, 2012

***Spring Mantle***

Hey guys!! Sorry I have been away not this past Friday but the Friday before Jackson was having a temper tantrum and threw a toy phone at our desk which knocked over my coffee and spilled all over our laptop!!! AHHH Someone save me from the terrible two's! Anyhow later that day it wouldn't turn on so a friend of ours knows his ways around computers and finally got it to work, but the keyboard and mouse don't work so we are using a usb keyboard and mouse until we can either find someone to fix it or just eventually buy a new laptop. I am so glad that it works though! I had good intentions to show you our Spring mantle this past Sunday, but we were working out back getting stuff out for the bulk trash pickup. My husband was snapping these big palm tree leaves in half and a peice broke off and went in to his leg, he could barely even walk so we headed to the ER. It actually went into to different spots in his leg one on the side of his knee and the other in the back of his calf, they were able to get the one on the side of the knee out pretty fast but the calf one wasn't so easy. They ended up having to do an ultrasound to see where it was at and then cut open his leg some to get it out! Here's a picture of what came out!

Alright, now on to my Spring Mantle! 
Here's a full view. I didn't spend any money creating this look! Love that!

 After Christmas I placed this arrangement in the center on the mantle, I had this in the kitchen before. I added some green hydrangeas and feathers to it.

Here's a closeup of the arrangement.

 To the sides I kept my urns from Kirkland's on either side and added a flower covered egg that I made last year along with a candlestick and birds nest that I also made a few years ago I got the idea from Liz at Savvy Seasons and a moss bunny from Michael's.

A view of the other side.

For the bottom I added a spring/easter candle ring to my candles and on one side I have a vase and some greenery.

The other side I added a bird cage filled with more flower covered eggs and little chick inside and some greenery.

Here's a closeup of the bird cage.


If your wondering on how to make the eggs I just bought a bag of plastic eggs and a hydrangea bush that I pulled all of the flowers off and glued them on with a hot glue gun its a little time consuming but they turn out so pretty! I am going to be making some more for some Easter tablescapes. We are hosting Easter this year so I will be sharing with you our tables soon!

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the week!!


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Debbie is just too sweet! When I first started blogging she featured me, I was so excited!! She is always there to help and is so kind. Thanks, Debbie!!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Nook and Hutch

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you all the nook above our front door and the hutch today. First up is the nook, I have been figuring out what to put up here for a few weeks and yesterday it just came into my head. I used stuff that I already had from other places in my house, the only new thing is the metal piece above the door which I got from Ross for 20 dollars! It's that time of year again when we get to take surveys at my husbands work and they give us giftcards love it!!
I placed two Tuscan pictures that Sandra from Decorating on a Budget sent me almost a year ago as a house warming present. I just love them!! I placed the metal urn with the rooster and greenery on one side and then the hanging fleur de lis on the other. I added a trunk to the middle with greenery. 

Here's a closer look, sorry for the picture its not as clear as I would like it to be but with all of the sun that comes through that area its hard to get a good picture.

Next up is the hutch, I have showed the hutch to you guys a couple times and told you I was toying with the idea of adding iron to the doors instead of getting the glass replaced. Well, I decided I would like the iron best so when I was at Hobby Lobby I came across the iron plaques and thought that it would fit perfectly and it does! 

Here's a closer look, all I did was nail two nails on the inside and hung the piece on the nails. Worked out just like I thought don't ya love it when that happens? lol

I am still playing around with the bottom part and what to display, but for now I have 3 plates, a leopard tray, a fleur de lis urn and a apothecary jar. These are all from Hobby Lobby.

Up top I added a charger plate, 3 fleur de lis vases that I got for Christmas from Kirkland's, the horse and some greenery from the Dollar Tree! To my surprise Dollar Tree has pretty greenery bushes that are small that you can piece together I put 4 up there so for 4 dollars I'd say it looks pretty good! 

Here's a closer look at the vases I just love them! They are in the colors that I love and ofncourse I love the fleur de lis.

Well, that's it for today guys! I will be back soon sorry I haven't been posting too much. Enjoy your weekend, we are going to my grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary party tomorrow WOW that's a long time!! 

Have a great weekend!!


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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Go check out this giveaway!

Hey! I wanted to share with you guys a giveaway going on at Decorating on a budget she's giving away a Phoebe Howard decorating book! Head on over and check it out!! Tell her I sent you!!



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