Friday, May 31, 2013

Just saying hi!

Hey guys just wanted to check in! My husband won a contest at work for a two night stay at a resort here in AZ this weekend, so my parents are watching the kids for us. Yay! Just thought I'd pop in and say hi and share a few pictures of the kids. Be back soon!! 


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

New Vignettes in the Kitchen

Hey! So sorry I haven't been able to get a post up, between two little ones and trying to keep up with normal every day duties I haven't had a chance to do any new decorating around here. I also have been having an issue with my computer letting me upload my photos, so I had to take pictures with my phone and upload and try to edit online.. I hope they look okay! 

I changed up all of the vignettes in the kitchen on the counter. I get bored with the same look after awhile. I usually end up liking the new look so much better, so its fun to change it up. To the island I added a Tuscan pot that I filled with greenery, a roo from Ross that I put on top of a book to give it some height and a metal tray from Ross.

I have never been happy with anything that I put on this shelf, it's definitely one of the spots that I struggle with. I am loving the way it looks now. I added a Tuscan plate from Big Lots, a roo from Hobby Lobby, an arrangment I made awhile back and two wine bottles to each end.

I removed the greenery from the pot rack, I think it looks better without it. I need to get some decorative pots to hang from it.

For this corner I added a big metal vase that I just recently bought from a friend who was moving, a glass jar and a cake stand filled with greenery, grapes and wine corks.

I really wanted to have more items grouped together rather than spread out, so I really filled this corner. I added a lamp for some height, glass jars, mr. pig, a cookbook stand, a finial and some greenery. 

I grouped the canisters together rather than spreading them out along the wall.

Lastly, I added some greenery to the base of the wine bottles.

I hope you all enjoyed my new vignettes! I created some new vignettes around the house, so I will share them with you soon. 

Have a great rest of the week!


Joining Maria for Tuesday's at our Home
Pamela for Treasure Hunt Thursday


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