Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Living Room

Hey guys! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I wanted to share my main living area with you guys today. I am still decorating the front room, so once I am finished I'll share that next. 

Here's a view as you walk in to the living room.

I added a little fall to the coffee table, I tucked in some pumpkins, gourds and leaves with greenery on the tray and added two candlesticks.

 A look at the fireplace.

I added a bow to the screen and tucked in some fall leaves.

I kept the bakers rack pretty simple since I have so much going on the fireplace area.

Here's some pictures of where my hutch sits, right in front of the hutch is our dining room table. I will be showing that you soon as well!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my Fall living room. I will be back soon! Oh I forgot to show you I added a new tassel to my Etsy store here it is. 

Have a great week!!


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

***Fall Foyer 2012***

Hey guys! I hope you are all having a good week so far, I wanted to share my Fall Foyer with you guys today. I have decorated the two console tables that I have in here. 

Here's a look at table number one, I added a fleur de lis candlestick, leaf garland, pumpkins and topiaries. Everything you see I had in my Fall stash, I have yet to buy any Fall decor this year, I wanted to see what I could work with first before I went out and bought anything. 

Here's a closer look at the table top, to create this vignette I added the candlestick and topiary to each side, then I placed the pumpkins in the center and wove the leaf garland through. Then I simply added a few pumpkins and fall topiary accents to the table. 

 Here's a closer look at the pumpkins, I got them last year on clearance at Safeway. 

Here's a look at the other table.

I added some fall leaves under the candles and tucked some into the greenery along with a few gourds and a pumpkin. 

I added the Fall wreath I made a few years ago to the mirror with a command hook.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my Fall Foyer, I still have more Fall decorating to do. I will be back in a few days to show you some new stuff!

Have a great week!


Thursday, September 06, 2012

***Fall Hutch 2012***

Hey guys! I am back with another fall post. I am just so eager to get it all out and looking pretty. I love all of the colors of fall they fit so well into my home. If you missed my last post I shared my Fall Mantle here go check it out. Next up is the hutch.

Here is a full view of the hutch, earlier this year I added the iron scroll accents to the doors, I love them!

 Here is a closer look, I left the top the same and just added some fall leaves here and there.

Here is a better look at the inside with the doors opened. I kept the Chris Madden dishes, cheetah plates and wine glasses and added fall mugs, pumpkins and pumpkin plates to the top. For the bottom it is mainly the same except I added leaf plates. I got those cute little plates last year at dollar general for 2 dollars each.

Here's a closer look at the plate settings.

For the bottom half I left the wine crate that I recently just stained and added greenery to, a rooster that I got from Hobby Lobby's clearance section this year, a cheetah tray, a little girl and boy scarecrow and a pumpkin.

Here's a closer look at the wine crate. I got it from Total Wine for 5 dollars! It was a very light color, so I stained it and distressed it some. I added greenery from Hobby Lobby and for fall just tucked in some gourds, pumpkins and leaves.

Last year I picked up this lighted pumpkin in Hobby Lobby's clearance section for 10 dollars! They normally run 59.99 and then they are usually 40% off, so I still scored an awesome deal! I needed something to prop it up on, so I used this urn that I had in the garage.  I will probably add a fall garland underneath the pumpkin, but it works for now.

Lastly here is a look at a tassel I made a few years ago, I just love it! I wish I could still find those acorns, I will keep looking!

Well, that's it for today guys! I hope you enjoyed my Fall Hutch! I will be back with more fall decor soon. 
Enjoy the rest of the week and weekend!!


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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

***Fall Mantle 2012***

Well, I could not wait any longer, I pulled out the Fall decor bins today and got to work! I started with the Mantle and got it finished. I am happy with it as of now, we all know that might change! :) I spent absolutely no money creating this look, I used everything I had on hand, cannot beat that!

Here is a full view of the fireplace area. I just love all of the oranges, yellows, greens and reds. 

Here is a close up of the items down below, last year I added some ribbon to the birdcage and fall leaves, it mainly stayed the same except I added a fall pick from Hobby Lobby. Everything is just tied on.

Here's a close up picture.

Here's a picture of the other side, I scored this pumpkin last year at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars in the clearance section.

Here is a closer look at the Mantle, it isn't very wide at all so I have limited things that I can actually put up there. I had this arrangement, urns and finials there before I just added to it. 

Here's a close up of the arrangement, I just tucked some pumpkins and fall leaves in. 

For the urns I had some fall floral bushes that I simply just placed in and added some fall leaves around the perimeter.

Here's a look at the other side.

Well, that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed my Fall Mantle! I will be adding fall decor over the next few days and will share with you as I finish it. 

Have a great week!!


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Jackson is 3!

Hey guys! I hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend, we had family in town for Jackson's 3rd Birthday. I cannot believe it has been 3 years! Crazy!! I wanted to share with you some of the party decor and some pictures of him. He had a dinosaur themed party, he cannot say dinosaur he says "nasus" lol! 

I made his cake, the bottom layer was red velvet with cream cheese frosting and top layer was a white cake with butter cream frosting. All of which was covered in marshmallow fondant. I am definitely no pro at making cakes, but I think it turned out pretty cute! I traced the dinosaur from his birthday banner that I made with my cricut to put on the top of the cake. I am so glad I spent the time rolling all of those little balls it was Jackson's favorite part!

I cut everything out on my cricut and strung it together. I found the dinosaur image online and with my sure cuts alot software I was able to cut it out. If you have a cricut and don't have the sure cuts alot software you must get it! It is awesome!! 

I got the letters at Hobby Lobby and painted them to match the theme colors, hot glued them on to skewers and then stuck them into foam which I hot glued to the bottom of the bucket and then just put some shredded paper around to cover that up. I think they made really cute and cheap centerpieces! The letters were 6 dollars for both centerpieces and I had everything else on hand. I used scrapbook paper as placemats.

We got Jackson a fish for his Birthday, every time we go in to the pet store he wants to look at the fish and always gets mad when we have to leave. He named him Raymond haha!

Sweet little cheese face right before we lit the candle. This is how he smiles when we ask him to haha.

This picture is my favorite!! I timed it perfectly!

And lastly here is a picture of Jackson and I right after he was born.

I could not wait any longer, so I pulled out the Fall decor bins today and have finished the mantle, so I will post that right after this. Stay tuned!! :)



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