Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Delicious Mac & Cheese

Hey guys! Thank you for your sweet comments on my spring wreath. It was such a fun and easy project to do, it took me about 15 minutes to complete. I hope I inspired you to go make your own :) Here is the link to my wreath if you missed it yesterday. On to today's post. I wanted to share with you this delicious mac & cheese. I got this idea from one of Rachael Ray's shows and tweaked it a bit.

Cavatappi Pasta
Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese 
Salt & Pepper
Dijon Mustard

 Adjust your ingredients for the amount of mac & cheese you want to make. When it's just me and my hubby we make about half of the bag. You can use any type of cheese. I have used Gruyère and white cheddar with this before (which is absolutely delicious just a bit pricey). Start boiling your noodles, while those are cooking, in a separate sauce pan melt a couple tablespoons of butter, add in equal amounts of flour. Whisk for a couple minutes, while whisking add in your milk ( I just eyeball this but its about a cup or so) occasionally keep whisking until it thickens up for you. When your sauce is thickened add in salt and pepper to taste, a little less than a tablespoon of dijon mustard and add in your cheese and ham. Drain noodles and add them into your cheese sauce and serve. This mac and cheese is so delicious! You have to try it. Let me know if you do. :) 

Have a great day!



LC said...

This sounds yummy, Allyson!
I like Mac&Cheese!

thanks for sharing~ L

Emelia DiCarlo said...

Allyson, double that comment!A new twist! My daughter and I just made Paula Deen's March issue chicken oven fried tenders with garlic butter sauce. Looks good too!Thank you, Emelia:)PS....I always change recipe , we used garlic powder.

Melissa Miller said...

Yummy! I just bought mac & cheese today at the grocery. I will try yours soon. Love the sounds of it!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Allyson, this sounds like yummy comfort food for a rainy March evening! Thanks for posting this recipe.

Ricki Jill

Brandi said...

Looks delicious! My family loves mac n cheese!

Amanda said...

I love mac n cheese! will definitely try this soon!

Liz said...

YUMMERS!! I will have to make this, thank you for sharing! Ok, now I'm hungry! ;) XOXO ~Liz

Jo said...

Allyson, this looks "YUMMO",it's a meal, I love one pot wonders.


Carolyn @ Adrift on the Lake said...

LOVE your blog and thank you for following mine! I'm following you rnow and am excited to read all of your posts -- AND try this great recipe for mac and cheese!

Chandra Chinnis said...

This looks good. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now following you also.

Becca said...

Hey there. I seriously think I just gained 5 lbs. while staring at this yummy bowl of mac and cheese! Looks delicious! Have a great day, Becca

Jo said...

Hey Allyson, I'm back to thank you for visiting LazyonLoblolly, your comments is so appreciated, Yes this was fun tablescape on the top porch and the strawberries on a stick was fun idea, you could flip over and use the strawberry as stir, and I welcome you to come back, we're always doin' something down Loblolly Ln, come on back and follow.

Pamela said...

Hi Allyson!!

This mac and cheese sounds great!
I was planning on posting a recipe on mac and cheese this Friday. It's a bit different but such a classic dish that I find I love having different versions!

Pamela ox

Farmer's Wyfe said...

Oooo, that looks SOOOO good! Being on slimfast this week is really making my looking at blogs KILL me!!! This looks esp. great. I WANT SOME NOW!!!
Thanks for following me. I'll be following you, too. MORE RECIPES like this and I can just chuck the slim fast!!!

MessyMissy said...

Oooo.....that looks yummy!! I thin my hubby would swoon over it. :-) I would love it if you would link this up to my Marvelous Mess party on Monday!! Each party I pick one project to feature on my sidebar for a week!!


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