Monday, February 18, 2013

New Dining Room Set

I'm so excited to show you our new dining room table we got this weekend. We purchased it from Ashley furniture and got an AWESOME deal!! This set normally sells for 1400 in the store and we got it for 769! We just happened to go looking on Saturday and it was so meant to be for us to get the table. I have been eyeing it on their website for a few weeks, since our table we used to have was slowly falling apart. When I talked to the guy in the store he told me that their warehouse ordered too many and they were basically selling them at stock plus a little bit to bring down their stock.. My husband thinks I fell for his scam but either way I don't care I got a beautiful table that I absolutely LOVE!! Okay on with the pictures. This is the Hamlyn 7 piece set. It has two captain chairs and 4 regular chairs along with a leaf we can add to the table which could actually sit 8, so we might decide to buy two more chairs eventually. It has two pedestals on the base which I love! The rug I have here doesn't quite fit, but I think its ok for awhile until I find a new one.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed our newest piece of furniture! I sure do love it!! 

Have a great week!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Vignettes in the Front Room

Today, I'd like to share some new vignettes out in our front room. I get bored after awhile and need a new look. 

Here is the foyer table, I added two urns, greenery, topiary, candlestick and a plaque that says There's no place like home. 

 Here's a look from the front door.

This part is hard to photograph, too much light comes in through this window. I added a new picture of my husband and son, two fleur de lis urns, a fleur de lis plate, and a candle sconce.

I used the vases that used to be on top of the hutch to the center of the table and put greenery around them.  I updated the pictures in the frames also, I am so bad at that!

I changed up everything on the desk, this is one of my favorite spots of the house. I sit here and blog.

A closer look at the top of the desk. I added a arrangement that Kristen made to the center, two vases, a fleur de lis urn, a finial and greenery as the base. 

 I took the urn here and took the lid off a filled it with greenery and added a decorative plate.

 I used some decorative book boxes on the shelves the one above holds our computer paper the two below are purely decorative, a cross, some greenery and a decorative plate.

Here's a look at the piano.

I took a urn and placed some fern greenery and a deco ball on top. I added a finial and deco ball to the sides. The rest of it stayed the same.

And lastly a look at the front living room.

I hope you enjoyed my new vignettes, I'll be back soon!
I was told my comments aren't working I hope it fixes itself! If anyone knows why please email me and let me know!


Joining Maria for Tuesday's at Our Home


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