Saturday, February 05, 2011

Blooming Lamp

Hey guys! I jumped on the band wagon and made a "blooming lamp" as Kara calls it head over to her blog and check out her awesome tutorial.  I had this extra urn vase and lamp laying around so I decided to put it to use. I made a spring arrangement and I think I will change this out as the seasons go. 
*All photos enlarge when clicked on*

Here are some close- ups of the arrangement.

Here is how it looks with the light off. I love how it turned out! I put this in the same room where my entertainment center is and it matches my runner I love it!! 

           Well thats it for today guys I hope you enjoyed my Blooming Lamp. I am joining CarrieSusanKara and  Marty. If I find anymore parties I can join I will be sure to add to them. Have a great day!!



Melissa Miller said...

This is absolutely stunning!

Marie C. said...

I love this idea!!

I saw you at Debbiedoos and am now following along and looking forward to your future creative endeavors.

Designs By Pinky said...

I LOVBE THIS!!!! Is the lamp attached or just sitting in the pot???? XO, Pinky said...

Go-Jus! GREAT job! I LOVE IT!!!
Thanks for linkin up!
And thank you for the link back!


Shirley said...

Beautiful! Love the lamp. Isn't this just an amazing idea.


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