Saturday, February 05, 2011

Fleur De Lis

Welcome to our Guest Bathroom. Most of my house is red, gold, brown and black. So I decided to keep the same theme going in our Guest Bathroom. As you walk in this is what you see, I have added two pictures from Kirkland's and a Fleur De Lis topper. I wish my bathroom were as elegant as the ones in these pictures!

 I found this metal picture with the leopard print tub and gorgeous chandelier first and ideas started rolling from there. I added this potpourri holder and decorative towel holder with decorative towels.
I have a love of lamps, I have them all over my house. I love how they create such a warm glow at night and make your house so cozy. 

I wanted some decorative towels in here, so I found these at Kirkland's and the Fleur De Lis towel holder from Hobby Lobby.

 Lastly, I added another mirror on the opposite wall. I love mirrors also! 

Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit of our Guest Bathroom. Thank you all for coming and checking out my new blog. I admire you all and love your wonderful comments. 
Have a great day everyone!

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