Tuesday, September 20, 2011

***Front Formal Living Room***

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you all what I have done in our front living room so far. Everything is a work in progress, but I am happy with the way it looks now to share it. 
Here are some pictures of the vignette I have on a console table. If you saw my post yesterday, I purchased some finials from Big Lots. I had the fleur de lis already and added two of the finials on either side.

***All pictures enlarge when clicked on***

I have this arrangement that Kristen made in the center.

I added a plant and a book box for some height.

Here is what the table looks like all together. It is really hard to take pictures out here with that big window.

If you remember awhile back I showed you a coffee table that I was going to paint in our other living room. Well, when they gave us the coffee table we also got a console table and two end tables. I painted this black and distressed it some. I love the way it looks now! It was that orange-y pine.

Here is a vignette on the end table. 

If you remember when we moved in this big mirror was in the garage and fell over and shattered. BOOO well we finally went to Lowe's yesterday and purchased a replacement mirror. I have been putting this project off because I thought it was going to be a big mess to take out the old mirror, but to my surprise it is just held in there like a picture frame. Kinda scary, but we have had this mirror for 6 years without any problems. I was just going to get a new mirror but one this size is at least 100 and for the replacement mirror it was 40. Not too bad. I added a metal piece above the mirror and two candle sconces. This is where I am going to make some arrangements to go in the vases. I hope to do that this weekend.

On the ottoman I placed a tray I got from Ross, my new fleur de lis plate, a finial, a fleur de lis candle stick and some ivy. I have always had the ottoman with nothing on it, but we don't sit out here that often so I wanted it to look pretty. I love pillows if you couldn't tell! :) The two plain burgundy ones my grandma sewed for me, the other ones minus the leopard print came from Ross. I forgot to show you yesterday I got the leopard print one from Big Lots on clearance for 6 dollars. Love it!

Here is the other end table I need to print out a picture to put in that other frame. My wax warmer sits here I have blueberry muffin burning right now. Smells so good!!

I don't have nearly as many pillows on the loveseat. Our Boston Terrier likes to lay on one side of the couch.

Here is a vignette on top of the tv we have out here. I placed two topiaries I got from Ross, two candles and this jar from Tuesday Morning.

Last year I purchased some curtains from Kirkland's and when we moved into this house they weren't long enough. So, I went to Hobby Lobby and found some fabric that I liked and attached it to the curtain with my hot glue gun and added the trim. I love how they puddle on the floor now!

Here is a closer look of the fabric.

 I placed a chair, side table and lamp over here to fill up the space. Eventually I want to replace the chair, but this will have to do for now.

This console table sits behind the loveseat. 

Well, that's it for today guys! I hope you enjoyed our front living room. I plan to start doing some fall decorating soon, I just wanted to show you all the room now. 
Have a great day!!



L said...

Ally, everything looks great! I'm sure it is exciting to finally feel settled down after moving. You've done a beautiful job getting everything looking how you like it.
I look forward to seeing what you do with those red jars.
I couldn't get your photos to enlarge. Did blogger change things?

NanaDiana said...

Allyson, It looks really great! You did a wonderful job with all your vignetttes,

I also like what you did with the draperies. It is always tough to find a good co-ordinating fabric and it looks like you found the perfect piece.

Very nice job! Everything really looks nice- xo Diana

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Everything looks great! Love your curtains!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

If you came to my home right now, you would see the end of the Living Room couch has no pillows....that is where Bentley sits and watches the world go by! I like you tray on the ottoman. I use my ottoman too much to do that, but I do love that look!! Thanks for sharing!!

Liz said...

Ok, you have been busy, girl! Everything looks so wonderful. I love all your vignettes and your wall arrangement. The mirror looks great and I love the sconces, too! Love you sofa pillows. Great job! XO ~Liz

Emelia DiCarlo said...

Really gorgeous Allyson, You have been really busy and made the room just inviting and so beautiful. The pillows add so much style and color and really finish the look. The warmer is in a perfect spot.Thanks for all the wonderful photos.

Honey at 2805 said...

Everything looks gorgeous Allyson! You have all the details covered!

I would be delighted if you would link to Potpourri Friday! Link up is Thursday afternoon and there is a giveaway!


Just fabulously gorgeous Alyson! Your home is beautiful and so inviting! I love all those pillows, they're great! Very Autumn style with such wonderful colours. Lots of hugs,

Abramyan Avenue said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I love what you've done. I think I am going to need to hit up Big Lots tomorrow!!

Becca said...

Beautiful, Allyson! You've done a wonderful job in your space! Your vignettes are so, so pretty ... and, your pillows are fabulous! Love the pops of red all over, especially this time of year! And, the tray on the ottoman looks great, too! I can't believe you guys are in here much ... I know I would be!

Traci said...

I love EVERYTHING about this room!! You did a great job.

CAS said...

Looks really great, Allyson! It's very inviting.
:) CAS

Beverly Dillow said...

Hi, Allyson! Thank you for stopping by my blog, you are very kind! :)

I love your home! I am working on vignette's for all my shelves, I think I have a million. (maybe not a million, but a bunch) You have helped me with some ideas.

I will be back often to ooh and ahh at all your decorating!

Have a great day!


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