Friday, March 07, 2014

Dining Room/Family Room Tour

Today, I want to share my dining area/family room. This is the side of the house that we spend the most time in. Join me as I take you on the tour.
Here is a view of our dining area from the kitchen.

Here is a view walking in from the front living room.

I placed a small table in the corner with a faux plant, our Ipod deck and fleur de lis plates.

Another view from the couch, I would really love to change out the light fixture, but I need to convince my husband of that one lol.

 I placed a scrunched up runner, an arrangement I made and two fleur de lis candlesticks with candles to the center of the table.

 Here is a view of my hutch. If you are new to my blog you can search to see what this hutch used to look like before I painted it black and added the iron to the doors.

 I placed a scrunched up runner along with greenery in a wine crate, a fleur de lis plaque and two finials.

For the inside I added my red chris madden dishes, wine bottles, decorative plates, finials and wine glasses.

 For the top I added three fleur de lis vases to the center, I put them on top of a book box to give it height. I also added finials and greenery.

Here is a view of our family room. I would love to get a new sectional, but this one works well with the kids still being little they are constantly spilling something!

Here are a couple different views of the couch area.

 For this wall I added two tuscan pictures with candle sconces on either side, a iron piece above, a metal shelf, roosters and a arrangement.

 I added this iron piece above our TV I think it frames it nicely.

 We have this ottoman for toys, I hung the fleur de lis iron peice above. I love fleur de lis can you tell? :)

I added two valances above this window along with a iron piece. I wanted to add panels but we have a doggy door that clips into the sliding glass door and it wouldn't have worked, so this will have to do.

 I added my leopard lamp with a tassel, three candle holders and this trunk which I store diapers in.

I hope you enjoyed my dining area/family room tour! I will be back soon with another decorating post. I have decided to start a cake/ party planning business called Tickle Your Cake Buds I would love for you to follow me there too! or like me on FB at 

Have a great weekend!!



Heather Graves said...

Your house looks so Beautifully done, Great tour, TFS!

Symanthias SimplePleasures said...

I enjoy following your post, please stop by and visit me..we share alot in common. Please share where you found your iron pieces for your hutch and how you did that..I found your blog on you hutch, but didnt see how u did the doors..beautiful!

Abramyan Avenue said...

love the colors, love your dining room table and your black hutch! thanks so much for sharing!


Everything is beautiful Alyson, you did a magnificent job! Good luck with convincing hubby on the light fixture! Great tour.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Such a beautiful, warm and cozy room and I love the name of your new cute!

The Tuscan Home said...

Allyson, everything looks gorgeous. The color palette is so warm and inviting. I love your dining set and your vignettes are lovely, as always. I am in love with your black hutch, Thanks for sharing! XO, Liz

Maria Elena said...

Allyson, you always make your home so beautiful! I love your style. Your hutch looks gorgeous! We also kept out old sofa for years and years. I refused to get a new one when the kids were growing up and be suffering every day that they were going to stain it.You will get that light fixture! :)

The Rusty Heart said...

Everything looks beautiful. Love the Chris Madden dishes in your hutch. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing. Denise

A Dee said...

Beautiful job. You put things together so nicely. Love the colors you use.

Good luck with your Party Planning.

Carol said...

I think you've done a lovely job, Allyson! Everything looks really homey and comfy. Good luck on your cake business. Did you have any trouble getting a Food Handler's License? My DIL stays super-busy just doing cakes and cupcakes for her neighborhood friends and her kindergartener's classmates. It can really be a fun business!

Renae said...

Your home is beautiful!


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