Friday, February 14, 2014

Kitchen Tour

Today, I am going to share my Kitchen. This is definitely not my dream kitchen, but when you rent there's not much you can do to change that, so I will try and make the best of it in the meantime. The kitchen was one of our biggest adjustments, in our last house the kitchen was HUGE and I loved it. I think we have finally adjusted to this kitchen. I tried to not clutter it too much, but I love accessories!! :) You all know I love the Tuscan vibe and I think I nailed it pretty good in here! 

Here is a view from our dining area, the vaulted ceilings really help this not feel so small.

 I do love how you can see what's up above my cabinets better though. Everything you see here was purchased from Ross, Big lots or Kirklands.

 Here are some up close pictures.

 I want to get some faux bread loaves to put in this tin bucket.

I added candlesticks with glass fleur de lis orbs, wine pictures, roosters and greenery to this side.

There are two ways to enter the kitchen, this is the entrance off of the hallway.

I was a bit iffy about not having matching rugs, but I think they work since they have the same colors.

 I added a fleur de lis plate, a plaque, a rooster urn filled with wine corks and a greenery arrangement.

I use the bottom area of this metal fruit holder, but I wanted to decorate the top half. The canisters are from Kirkland's.

 I added artichokes, grapes, apples, greenery and corks.

 I added two canisters and a topiary to this area next to the sink.

 For above the fridge, I added a coffee plaque from Big Lots, a metal tray and a metal basket with a topiary inside.

 Here is the view from our living room. I used the bar stools from my pub table that used to be in our front room in the old house. They are the perfect height.

I displayed used wine bottles in this wine holder and added some greenery.

 I added my big clock above our pantry you can see it great from the living room.

I hope you enjoyed my kitchen, I will be sharing our main living room next. 

Happy Valentines Day!! 

Have a great weekend! 



Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Very pretty, Allyson. I really like the large tin bucket above the range. So inviting! Jane

The Tuscan Home said...

Oh yeah, you nailed the Tuscan theme perfectly! Love it Allyson. I also adore accessories, so you are in good company. :) The upper cabinets look amazing, and now I want to add more greenery to mine, you inspired me. :) xo, Liz

Pamela said...

Looks beautiful Allyson!

Symanthia J said...

Hey Allison!
I always love visiting you and your home! You and Liz have been my most favorite s to visit, as we all have the same Tuscan Taste and Flair. I do miss her post, but certianly look forward to yours. You have done a great job addin g your special touches
To a rental or leased home. I do understand that as well...we currently are leasing our home space, for 5 years now. It helps to
have great landlords too. The challenges are a bit when trying to work around areas that we we wld love to change but arent able to do so...I have added my own updated light fixtures in some rooms that my husband cld do easily and adjust out as or when needed.
Keep posting, I look forward to them...your friend from SC.

Heather Graves said...

I do like how you've decorated your Kitchen and how you have a constant theme. TFS!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Alison, it all looks terrific. You also gave me an idea. I DO have some faux bread and bread sticks and croissants so now all I need is a metal basket! I love havibg a large space above the cabinets to decorate too! Good job!!!!

Maria Elena said...

Allyson, your kitchen looks gorgeous! Your style is always so pretty! I know you are having fun decorating your new home.

Carol said...

Great job, Allyson! It looks like you are managing just fine with the smaller space and truly making it your own.

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Wow, Ally, you have settled in quite nicely!! LOVE all of your accessories above the cabinets! I need that fork and spoon artwork! Those are so cute! You have been one busy lady.

L said...

Hi Ally! I see you're getting settled in your new home. Loving all the pretties in here. Especially liking that metal tin. It's great to see my Tuscan decorating buddies back blogging again. You ladies have been missed.

I have the large fork and spoon like you, but I don't know where I put it in the last move to our new home! :) I have accessories that I simply cannot find yet! When the weather warms up that is my goal to go through each and every box that is in the garage..again!
Everything is looking very pretty. Hope you're all doing well.~Lu


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